FAQ: Where Should I Park in UntitledTown?

April 28, 2017

So, you want to attend the Festival but you have two-thousand pounds of metal you don’t know what to do with? Fear not! Downtown Green Bay has abundant street parking, lots, and ramps at your disposal – all of which offer free, unlimited parking durations on Friday evening after 6pm and all day Saturday/Sunday (unless otherwise posted).

Check out our Festival Map to reference venue locations when choosing parking.

Most of our venues are within reasonable walking distance of each other, but just in case, we’ve secured an UntitledTown trolley for Saturday/Sunday transport (thank you Breakthrough Fuel/Crystal Clear Resources!).

Make sure to register at any one of our venues for FREE access aboard the trolley.

Parking Meters

They’re everywhere, and on Friday after 6pm, and on weekends, you don’t even have to feed ‘em. Except for the main access roads Walnut, Main, and Mason, you’ll likely find parking on most branching streets.

If you’re on the West Side of the river, try Broadway, Pearl Street, Museum Place, Howard Street, or Chestnut Avenue.

For East Side events, there’s Adams Street, Washington Street, Jefferson Street . . . Just follow the Presidents . . . Many of the connecting streets, Like Doty, also have metered parking. Just be aware that Jefferson Street is a one-way.

Some of the streets mentioned have parking stalls without meters. It’s okay to park there, too!


 For the West Side of the river, try the Neville Public Museum.

On the East Side, there’s the Brown County Library lot, Adams Street lot on Adams and Pine, and the City Hall lot off Jefferson Street (be careful not to park in reserved stalls). Kavarna and the Broadway Center (FKA Old Fort Square) also have lots behind them.


 There are three ramps for public use, and they just so happen to be right downtown. The Pine Street ramp, Cherry Street ramp, and Main Street ramp (also called GB Parking, for you Google mappers).

Downtown Green Bay offers a simplified map showing street names and exact locations of parking ramps.

For additional information regarding handicap accessibility, bathrooms, and food and beverages at or near some of our venues, refer to our earlier post: FAQ: How Accessible is UntitledTown?

If Everything is Full and You Feel Road Rage Coming On

You can always park just outside of the Downtown area and Uber or Lyft in to a specific venue. Parking is available along the Fox River Trail and there just so happens to be a massive grocery store lot at SuperValu on Webster Avenue.