Book Festival Etiquette: When Should I Arrive at an Event?

April 23, 2017

For all of us, UntitledTown is brand-spanking new. We’ve never had a Book and Author Festival in Green Bay. Some of you may have never attended a Book Festival at all!

How are we all supposed to act? Are there rules?

Whether this is your first or 10,000th time attending a reading or joining a writing workshop, let us reassure you that it is very, very difficult to attend a Book Festival wrong. This week, we’re featuring a series of Book Festival Etiquette posts on different topics.

Today’s Topic: Arriving at Events

When Should I Get to An Event?  Like going to a play or concert, we suggest you try to arrive around 15 minutes before an event to get a good seat.

What if There’s Another Event in the Room Beforehand? Venues like the Brown County Library, St. Brendan’s Inn, and Titletown Tap Room’s William Larsen Event room will have back-to-back events for much of Saturday as well as Sunday. Usually, just 15 minutes separates one event, and one crowd, from another. So, when you arrive early, be aware there is probably another event emptying out, and let that event and that author finish fully before entering.

Special Cases—Arrival at UntitledTown’s Opening and Closing Events. For the Friday, April 28 event with Michael Perry at 5 pm at Backstage at the Meyer Theater, you’ll want to arrive up to 20 minutes early because the seating at Backstage is limited to 220 people.

For the Sunday afternoon events at the KI Center, we expect a very large turnout, given the demand for our General Admission tickets. The Sherman Alexie and Margaret Atwood events are also the Festival’s only ticketed events, so getting through the doors will be slower. Again, arrive at least 20-30 minutes early to get in, get through the line, and get situated in a seat you like, particularly if you have a free General Admission ticket for one or both events.

Can I Just Camp out in One Venue and One Seat, for the Entire Day? Yes! By all means. Cozy up to the TitleTown Tap Room bar all day on Saturday for podcasting and spoken word poetry, or all day on Poetry Sunday. Grab some avocado toast at Kavarna Coffeehouse and stay to talk about Romance writing, discuss YA writing, listen to nonfiction, write postcard poetry, and learn to make books. Camp out at St.Brendan’s Inn’s Waterford Room all day for discussions of science fiction and Midwestern Gothic. Shop at the Book Fair at Old Fort Square and stick around for the Sheepshead Review launch party, Lorna Landvik, Larry Scheckel, and Jeff Pearlman. Hang out in the Brown County Library Auditorium and move all over the building all day –heck, all weekend — for loads of workshops and programs and readings for all ages.