Workshop Spotlight: Using Facts to Craft Fiction, with Lee Pulaski

April 27, 2017

Before attending Lee Pulaski’s Using Facts to Craft Fiction workshop on April 30, 9am at the Brown County Library – Downtown, read a little bit about your workshop leader here!

Who is Lee Pulaski? Unlike what you might first think Lee Pulaski is not from Pulaski, WI (just a coincidence), he’s from Arizona. He was facing some writer’s block and decided to take his family on a vacation to Wisconsin when he was overcome by inspiration. He is a published author of the Zachary Gagewood Mysteries, sixth book due out this summer, and has published a two-act play, Grandma’s House of Waffles. Lee has more than 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism, currently serving as presentation editor for World River Media.

What to Bring: Attendees, ever wonder if it’s possible to use facts in fiction? Well bring your favorite writing tools to this workshop, where Lee Pulaski explains how using real-life facts in your fiction will make it more credible. While the definition of fiction is made up, most stories have some tibias of fact to make them relatable.

UntitledTown blogger Sara Stewart invited Lee to talk more about his creative process.

UntitledTown: Lee, how do you find inspiration?

LP: I’ve found that inspiration tends to pop up at random.

I’m usually traveling with my laptop computer, although I occasionally use a notepad and pen when I don’t have the laptop handy.

Attend Lee Pulaski’s Writing Workshop: Using Facts to Craft Fiction on Sunday April 30, 9am at the Brown County Library – Downtown.



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