Workshop Spotlight: Turning an Idea into Pages, with Molly Magestro

April 26, 2017

Before attending Molly Magestro’s Turning an Idea Into Pages workshop on April 29, 1:30pm at the Brown county Library – Downtown Board Room, read a little bit about your workshop leader here!

Who is Molly Magestro? Molly Magestro has a Master’s Degree from Iowa State University, a PhD from UW-Milwaukee, and teaches writing at the University of Wisconsin-Washington County. Her first published book, Assault on the Small Screen: Representations of Sexual Violence on Prime-Time Television, is no surprise since she grew up in a family of two police officers and spent quality time with her mother watching fictional crime shows.

What to Bring: Attendees, wish you had a cheat sheet to what makes a great short story? Bring your favorite writing instrument and any story ideas you have, because Molly Magestro will walk you through a list of important features like characters, settings, and plot to help you brainstorm and create the needed materials to create a short story. This is meant to give you the chance to release the story you’ve always wanted to tell, but may have struggled to pull together. If you have a story idea, bring it with you!

UntitledTown blogger Sara Stewart invited Molly to talk more about her creative process.

UntitledTown: Molly, how do you find inspiration?

MM: I tend to start a story with one small idea I steal from the world around me. “What would happen if ____?” sorts of things.

UT: Do you have a routine when it comes to writing, a special place or atmosphere?

 MM: I always have a notebook in my bag, but I tend to do almost all of my writing in the hour or so before I go to bed each night. I haven’t been doing a good job of it lately, but I try to write every day—500 words when I’m on top of my game. I find that this keeps my inspiration fresh, because I’ll stop right around word 500 even if I know what comes next. That makes it easiest to pick the thread of the story back up the next day!

Attend Molly Magestro’s Writing Workshop: Turning an Idea Into Pages on Saturday April 29, 1:30pm at the Brown County Library – Downtown Board Room.



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