FAQ: My Teacher Is Making Me Go to UntitledTown. How Do I Get an A?

April 26, 2017

Ugh. Forced fun. Teachers are the worst.

But you need points for your creative writing class, and the Festival is downtown, and you’ve heard there will be a trolley, and maybe some poets in a bar or something?

To all of this, we say: Yes! UntitledTown offers lots of other wonderful opportunities to listen, learn, and improve your…


You fell asleep, didn’t you? We get it. Even we fell asleep.

All right, here’s how to get your “A”…as in A is for AWESOME AUTHORS! (Sorry, the teachers among us can’t help ourselves.)

Your CliffsNotes Guide to UntitledTown

Prologue: Getting There and Getting In

This very blog is publishing FAQs and Etiquette Tips all week about when to arrive for an event, how to get (free) tickets to the events with Margaret Atwood and Sherman Alexie, how to get books signed, and so on. Check out our website for a map, schedule, and other information. Click the links below to import the Facebook event into your calendar.

Or choose from over 80 events on your own. Download the entire festival schedule and program here!  Here are some highlights you might like.

Chapter One: In Which You Hear Stories of the Strange

Do you like Stephen King? Werewolves? Cybervillains? FREAKING OUT at SCARILY DEEP VOICES? Come to Backstage at the Meyer Theater at 6:30 pm on Friday, April 28 to hear Ben Percy read from his new thriller, which Dean Koontz calls a “megawatt defibrillator to the reader’s heart.” A master at juggling “flaming chainsaws,” Percy also writes for the Green Arrow, Teen Titans, and James Bond comics. Read his interview here and a review of The Dead Lands here.

A drunken college boy leaves a bar and is later found dead in a river. It’s a tragic story, and one you’ve probably heard. Dan Chaon has, too, and he explores a disturbing theory about it in his novel Ill Will. If you like Chaon’s cloudy-minded characters in stories like “Safety Man” and “Big Me”— or in novels like Await Your Reply—you’ll love his reading on Saturday, April 29, at 6:00 pm in the Brown County Library Read our interview and review of Ill Will.

Percy and Chaon each join Author Mega-Panels on Saturday, April 29. Each panel features writers discussing how to write, and what to write, and how to solve problems in storytelling. You can also ask the authors questions in the Q & A that follows.

Finally, if murder mysteries thrill you, check out the multiple appearances by award-winning novelist Patricia Skalka, author of the Dave Cubiak Door County Mysteries. All weekend, Skalka offers expertise in writing and publishing— and reads and signs her books on Sunday, April 30, at 2:30 pm at St. Brendan’s Inn.

Chapter Two: In Which You Applaud Your Fellow (and Former) College Students

College students! UntitledTown is gonna be LIT! (We just looked that up in urbandictionary.com!)

You may still be a student, but you want to know: how do you work on your book after you’ve graduated, when there are no mentors, syllabi, or required reading lists waiting for you? Local authors—some of whom are students at UW-Green Bay—will offer tips on forming workshops, getting feedback, networking, and finding time to write after you leave the classroom in Craft Talk: Act 2—Polishing and Networking at 11:30 am on Saturday, April 29, in the Brown County Library.

Later, swing by Old Fort Square at 2 pm on Saturday, April 29, for the launch party of Sheepshead Review, our local award-winning journal of the arts produced by undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Get a free issue, listen to authors from the Spring 2017 issue read work, eat some snacks, and mingle!

On Sunday, April 30, camp out in Titletown Tap Room’s William Larsen Event Room for two events. First, listen to UW-Green Bay Alumni and graduates of the UWGB Creative Writing program-turned-mega-superstar-authors  Lisa Fay Coutley and Casey Thayer read from their Dazzling Debut poetry collections at 10 am.

Stick around, because next on Sunday, April 30 in the Titletown Tap Room at 11 am, you can participate in and listen to college writers from around Northeastern Wisconsin read novel excerpts, poems, and other work at the College Invitational Reading, sponsored by Sheepshead Review.

Chapter Three: In Which You Create Things With Your Mind —and Ink

If you’d like guidance in life and in writing from a mega-successful Young Adult novelist, check out Melissa Gorzelanczyk’s Saturday, April 29 panel at 3:30 in Kavarna Coffeehouse, where she’ll be talking about the #ArrowProject, a series focused on micro-changes aimed to help give your goals direction all year.

Have you ever held your words in your hands? What if other people could, too? Join Kathryn Gahl on Sunday, April 30, at 11:30 am in Kavarna’s Lower Level for her workshop on Postcard Poetry . People who receive postcard poems, Gahl says, “hold them in their hand, share them at book clubs and hair salons, give to relatives to take to work and say read this, reprint them in newsletters, affix them to the ‘fridge, and stack them on their desks.”

If you’re really looking to get your hands dirty, with actual ink and movable type, come by Kavarna’s Leap Room on Sunday, April 30 between 11:30 and 2:30 and sign up to do a printing workshop with the world-famous Hamilton Woodtype Museum. Leave with something you’ve made yourself! (Reminder! Mother’s Day is coming right up!)

Chapter Four: In Which You Watch FIGHTS! and Victories! and Hip-Hop!

If listening to readings, or going to parties, or writing in workshops isn’t your thing, UntitledTown also offers some rousing performative events.

What would happen if “Drunk History” had a baby with the Iowa Writers’ Workshop? You’d have BOOK FIGHT!— a podcast by Tom McAllister and Mike Ingram that will be recording LIVE on at 2 pm on Saturday, April 29,  in Titletown Tap Room’s William Larsen Event room.

If you’re a fan of, say, poetry like “Accents,” come out to hear Rob Franklin, also known as Spoken Word artist Rob Dz, who has rocked with Eminem, Nas Common, and many, many more. Rob and his alter-ego, Dz, take the stage at 3:30 pm on Saturday, April 29, in TitleTown Tap Room’s William Larsen event room.

Do you have strong feelings —good or bad—about Brett Favre? Then you won’t want to miss Gunslinger author Jeff Pearlman read from and sign his “definitive biography of Brett Favre” at UntitledTown’s Book Fair in Old Fort Square on Saturday, April 29, at 6 pm.

Conclusion: Anywhere you go, UntitledTown offers you a way to earn an easy A!








Downtown Green Bay

April 28-30, 2017

UntitledTown Book and Author Festival will promote all aspects of book culture including movable wood type, the traditional book, graphic novels, and podcasting. Over the course of three days, festival attendees will be able to choose from a long list of readings, discussions, panels, workshops, and other events of interest to writers and to readers held at venues in Downtown Green Bay. The vast majority of these events will be free and open to the public. In addition, there will be a book expo showcasing local, regional, and national publishers and their books.

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