Workshop Spotlight: Writing About Food, With Emile Lindemann

April 25, 2017

What inspires writers? How can our featured UntitledTown workshop leaders inspire YOU?

Before you attend Emilie Lindemann’s Poetry Workshop: Food Poems on Sunday April 30, 11am at the Brown County Library-Downtown, read a bit more about her and her workshop here!

Who is Emilie Lindemann? Emilie Lindemann holds a PhD in English Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwauke. She is an Associate Professor of English at Silver Lake College. Her first full-length collection, mother-mailbox, was recently released from Misty Publications.

What to Bring: Be sure to bring your favorite writing equipment and empty stomach as Dr. Lindemann takes you through a three-course meal of writing about food. Starting with ‘appetizers’, poems of various authors who engage with food imagery. Then the ‘main course’, some hands on writing to help you brainstorm and draft a poem or two. Finally ending with the ‘after meal espresso’, sharing your work with the rest of the workshop. You’ll leave with your mouth watering and ready for lunch!

UntitledTown blogger Sara Stewart invited Emilie to share how she finds inspiration.

UntitledTown: Emilie, how do you find inspiration?

Emilie Lindemann: I often find inspiration in the world around me.

On a weekend morning, my toddler and I might sit on the boardwalk at a cafe on the Sheboygan River where we chomp on a breakfast wrap and watch ducks. Then, we’ll make our way to a favorite art museum where we listen to video art or meander through installations. I am often inspired by visual artwork.

UT: Do you have a routine when it comes to writing, a special place or atmosphere?

 EL: A lot of my writing starts in a very unglamorous way—as notebook scribbles in the wee hours of the morning.

I find it helpful to keep a small notebook with me at all times—like many writers do!

Attend Emilie Lindemann’s Poetry Workshop: Food Poems on Sunday April 30, 11am at the Brown County Library-Downtown.


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